In 2014, after a year that Dayburn (Charlie Wan) discovered his hidden talent as a composer, he debuted his conceptual concert “Soundtrack for an Unborn Film-One More Step to Everest”. It’s a soundtrack for a film that yet to exist. He started out with only a song called “Everest” which he wrote on the eve of giving up on his frustrated dance music production endeavor in 2013. He decided to write one last song from his heart and feeling. He sent out this track and a paragraph of the concept to his singer friend Danielle Parente in Los Angles. She was so inspired by the song and sang out the words. This one last song revealed the hidden capability of Dayburn’s emotive sounds. He realized he should never give up his passion and began to write the album “One More Step to Everest“. With this concert, Dayburn wrote a story about this little young boy with arrhythmia heart condition whose parents died in a small plane crash over Himalayas. He scored the story as if a full-length feature film from opening title to end credit. The 1.5 hrs show took the audience to experience this now young man his journey to Mount Everest where he would see his parents. With a narrator, a singer, visual projections and contemporary dancers, Dayburn took the audience to experience the struggle and triumph of the central character which share his own parallel life metaphor – “Try one more step before you give up”.

There once was a boy named Ganesh, with an irregular heart beat, who lost his parents in a tragic plane crash among the Himalayan mountains… One morning, Ganesh passed a local newsstand. Letting go of his grandfathers hand the young boy pushed his way through the crowd and stopped. There, on display was a copy of Life Magazine. “Step by step to the top of everest” he read, fixated on the almost haunting image of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, on their historic ascent. “That’s where your parents are.” His grandfather said, joining him. “They watch over you from that peak”. It was at that moment, the memory of his parents met the mystery of those climbers. A dream was born. “I will go there grandpa,” said young Ganesh. It would be nearly 20 years until he was ready. This is his story.

Director & Composer – Dayburn
Producer & Co-Writer – Kurt Peloquin
Storyteller & Co-Writer – Lulu Ward
Singer & Co-Writer – Danielle Parente
Guitarist – Ghsts N Guitars
Dancers – Greg Dolbashian & Loni Landon
Cameras – Cameron Michael & Sean Biffar
Video Projection Director – Max Nova & Dawn Of Man crew
Sound Engineer – Tomas Delos Reyes
Lighting Operator – Nic Smith
Assistant Producer – Kate Power
Makeup & hair – Valerie Vonprisk
Production Consultant – Rae Donovan
Set-Design – May-Lin Le Goff
Ableton Consultant – Lex Sadler
Bartenders – Mari Shten & Katia Slottke
Host – Katie Calcaterra
Host/BTS Photography – Maura Siobhan

Special Thanks:
Kevin Robinson, Rachel Griffiths, Scott Parenteau, Von Kiss, Stephen Donovan, Howard Hunt