Dawn of the Burning Sun is a sunrise ceremony and experience created and guided by composer Dayburn. It made its debut in 2014. The music was originally being composed as his own personal need of an emotive soundtrack to accompany the sunrise times. It evolves into the epic annual ceremonies at festivals like Burning Man and Gratitude Migration. Along with a team of groups such as the Sun Guardians, musicians, sound engineers, filmmakers, talented volunteers and even sometimes the breathtaking skydivers, the audience is being taken on an immense and immersive heart-opening journey. There are three parts of the event: 1/ quiet mind, 2/ sun salutation, 3/ soul connections with activities such as moving meditation, sun salutation, eye-contact gameplay, etc. The intention of this ceremony is to provide introspective experience to deepen the connections with nature and the inner self.

“Open your heart and look to the east.”


Share your #DawnOfTheBurningSun story @HouseOfDayburn on Instagram if you experience a sunrise with this music. For the best experience, start the music 16mins before the sunrise. The horns should be synced with the first ray of light.